Thursday, May 22, 2008

Uncle Brock - We Love You!

Uncle Brock - every nieces and nephews favorite uncle. For all the times you have babysat, hung pictures, rigged some pinatas for a party, shopped at hobby lobby for me, cooked up some crazy dish that taste amazing, and explained photons and many many conspiracy theories - thank you! I guess I must also give you props for getting me interested in the Book of Mormon. I will never forget it, I was taking Brock to the airport and he was explaining to me how something was just like the Nephites. I was like what in the world are you talking about??? I mean I was pretty smart for a 21 year old and I had never heard of the Nephites. Brock totally made me feel like I was stupid, saying "What, you don't know who the Laminities and Nephites are?" To this I responded, "No, should I?" And then he proceeded to tell me the story of the two and the Book of Mormon. Oh looking back now it is so funny how everything played out!

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