Friday, May 23, 2008

Dylan - Where are you?

So during the Cinco(Quatro) de Mayo party, Dylan disappeared. Mark was taking a wander around the house to make sure he wasn't into anything. You know those kiddos often times when they are quiet they are into something that will take you a while to clean up! Well Mark decided to take a look in the pantry and this is what he saw..............................................

Dylan had managed to find some crackers and was eating them off the floor in the dark, shut in a pantry closet. Most kids would be scared, heck even my dog gets scared when I accidentally shut him in there, but not Dylan. He is content as long as he has something to grub on! Ambyr your kids are so stinking cute!


  1. LOL!! I totally forgot that you took these pictures!! It's the story of dylan's life!! Stuck in a pantry eating is always the way to a boys heart:)

  2. I love that! What is it with kids and your pantry? That boy cracks me up!