Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aniversario feliz mi amor

Today marks Bret and my 4th Anniversary! So, Michelle I think you had the might need to pay up!!! Just Kidding! To be sappy I made a playlist of all the songs that mark our courtship and marriage..surprisingly Bret is a song dedicator! So enjoy the gayness....that's what you are supposed to do right?!? In commemoration of our marriage I decided to post some pictures from our wedding day. Enjoy!

I think Bret was a little scared! This is a picture of him while I was walking down the aisle. He totally shed a tear, what every girl hopes to see walking down the aisle!

Pops the preacher man!!! HAHA! Pronouncing us Mr. and Mrs. Andrus

Totally singing, can you tell?

First Dance as hubby and wifey to Kenny Chesney Me & You - we thought it appropriate since it was the Kenny Chesney concert that finally got us together! Long story.....

Me and My Andrus Girls. Michelle is totally going to kill me! Michelle just had Gavin a month earlier and Tiffany and Danielle were both pregnant. I love you girls!

Uncle Bert and Dallin - I had to post this picture because it is the very reason I was first attracted to Bret. At Michelle and Brady's wedding reception (I was working the reception at the country club I worked at, another long story!) I saw Bret playing with all his nephews and I thought wow what a hottie in that suave suit and he is so good with kids!

Bret's favorite bridal portrait, I guess it reminds him why he put my number in his phone under the Name BAMBI. Another long story!


  1. Breath taking...seriously. What a gorgeous wedding. Happy Anniversary (after Memorial Day).

  2. HOw is it possible that I'm the only one who has a comment about these beautiful pictures?

    I pulled up your blog just now and Parker said, "Who is that? She is beautiful." You've won over the heart of my almost 4 year old.

  3. look at you all beautiful!! I remember that day very well....good food! congrats to yall!! 4 years!! and you have an adorable little babe to show! remember how we found out we both knew kristy harrison?! Have you talked with her in a while...I think she's mia.

  4. What great photos! That was such a fun wedding. I have to admit I shed a tear when I saw the one of Dallin and Bret, that was too cute! I don't thin you're a gaywad for posting the playlist.... Love ya!!

  5. You really look gorgeous! You guys are so cute together! That Kenny Chesney song was also our wedding song almost 9 years ago! Congrats on the 4 years!

  6. SOOOO Beautiful! You are a beautiful couple! These really are stunning pics! I love them!