Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kicking it with Cash and Company

So at the Cinco de Mayo party we had on May 4th. Don't even make me go into that story! So apparently I am the whitest Mexican around. It all started when I invited Danielle (sis in law) to the Cinco de Mayo party and she told me, "I think that Sunday is May 4th."and I said, "Yeah Cinco de Mayo it falls on Sunday it's perfect!" So she then broke the news that Cinco de Mayo was May 5th not the 4th. I promise I knew that, I think it was a leftover pregnancy moment! So then to prove just how bad of a bean I was I then sent out invites to the Quatro de Mayo party to this Danielle later informed me that Cuatro is spelled with a C! So turns out I am going to order Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish, so I can still claim my roots!!

Here are the pics from the Cuatro de Mayo Party - sorry so late but I do run about 2 weeks behind on posts!
Bret the Meat Master

Dad thinks it's good!

Mom and Dad - How cute!

Tank begging for some good cookin' and Ethan wanting to take Tank for a ride

These kiddos wanted to have a family picture with Cash and Grandma.

Bret concentrating very hard on getting some air!

PayPay being cute as always - she was really hamming it up for the camera

Cash Cuteness!


  1. Those are some great pictures. We had the missionaries over the next night for a little Cinco de Mayo Fajita action and they said they had been at your house the night before. I was a little embarrassed. I'm sure your fajitas blew mine out of the water...being half Mexican and all. But then again, you didn't know when Cinco de Mayo was.

    Looks like you guys had fun.

  2. Well, my husand is the reason behind the good fajitas not this senorita! My gringo hubby puts me to shame! I think we have decided to make this an annual shindig so you are more than welcome to come next year...if you are still around!!!

  3. It was a fun party! I am loving the family photo of Blake and Payt...and the spelling of the quatro, it was a legit mistake..=)