Saturday, May 3, 2008

I love my MiMi

Hands down I have the best mom ever...okay I know that is a little biased, but she is so wonderful not only to me but to her grandson. I wanted to share because I truly do appreciate her and my dad and all the time they want to spend with Cash. So my mom's birthday was on April 4th. This happened to land on a lucky! Everyone wants their birthday to land on a Friday. So she calls me early that week and asks what me and Bret have planned for Friday. I ask, "you mean what do we have planned for YOUR Birthday?" She responds with no I mean are ya'll going on a date night? To this I say, "Are you crazy it is your birthday you aren't going to babysit!" This is the end of that conversation because I thought surely it was just a kind gesture and now she realized it was her birthday and she would take advantage. So skip forward to Friday afternoon, I get a phone call from Mom, "I'm on my way, can you get Cash's stuff ready for him to spend the night?" To this I say, "No mom it is your birthday." And her response is, "All I want for my birthday is Cash, I just want to cuddle and love on him he makes me so happy!" What could I say to that????? Mom has taken Cash probably every Friday since he has been on formula to spend the night at her and Papa's house so that Bret and I can have alone time. We count our blessings often and are so grateful for all they do for us! Mom and Dad we love you!
48 Reasons I love my mom
1. She gave me life
2. She always laughs at me like I am the funniest person alive
3. She is always right...I know I should just give in and buy the Playtex throw away bottles!
4. She always has an solution for every situation I get myself into
5. She is my biggest cheerleader and always has been even when I was a brat
6. Her shoulders to cry on
7. Her arms that give the best hugs
8. The way she shakes her head back and forth when she dances...too cute
9. Her constant support of my actions even when she thought I was going to start wearing prairie dresses when I joined the church...I still get a kick out of that one!
10. How she will go visit a temple no matter what city we are in and wait for me to do a session because she knows how important it is to me
11. Her love for my son
12. Her love for my other children that aren't here yet...we talk about them a lot now
13. Our shared love for heels...I know where I get it
14. Her new found like of modest clothing.."I'm slowly working up to the whole garmet thing"(her own words)
15. The kind way she puts me in my place when I am being judgmental of my little brother
16. Her smile
17. Her big brown eyes
18. Her love of Keith Urban
19. The fact that if I ever have a question about anything within 5 minutes I have 4 articles or links to web pages on the subject
20. That she married my Daddy twice!!!
21. She always puts things into perspective for me
22. Her intuition, can't put anything past her
23. Her wonderful sense of forgiveness
24. Her strong support of the Mormons even though she is only "Mormon Light" currently
25. How she is at my house every Friday to pick Cash up to go play at MiMi and PawPaw's house
26. Her love of all things DAISY, except the perfume from Marc Jacobs
27. The fact that she thinks I should name my next kid Diemer
28. Watching Grey's Anatomy together
29. Reliving the days of watching our favorites together: ER (when George Clooney was on), My So Called Life (who didn't love Jordan Catalano), General Hospital (such a sick guilty pleasure), and this is reaching far back Sisters (remember the one girl character Teddy)
30. She was willing to stop and eat 4 times during a day of running errands in my 9 month of pregnancy, needless to say didn't get much done..I was so hungry!
31. She was in the delivery room when Cash was born (Anybody that knows me knows the drama that proceeded this!)
32. She was the best nurse to me after I had Cash, I couldn't have done it without her
33. She plans her vacation time around mine and Bret's schedule so that she can watch Cash while we go out of town
34. Her love of work, she is the hardest working woman I know
35. How she could spend a entire day at an office supply store
36. How organized she should see this woman's bathroom drawers
37. The fact that she keeps all of my cheerleading memorabilia at her house even though I have plenty of room to store it at mine
38. That she doesn't say anything when she comes over and my house is a complete wreck
39. That she loves my husband
40. She sends me notes in the mail just to tell me how much she loves me
41. She always sees the positive in things
42. She loves spending quality time with me
43. She is always game for a project
44. Her love of Excel Spreadsheets
45. She read a book about a teenager being in love with a vampire all because I recommended it
46. The fact that she fell in love with that same book!
47. Her pretty hair, I have always loved it and it is more beautiful now than ever before!
48. Lastly, that I know we will be together forever...whether she likes it or not!!!
I LOVE YOU MOM! Tell Dad he will get a special post as well when his birthday rolls around!


  1. That is really so sweet Terin! Your mom does sound so cool. That's awesome that you get to have a night without Cash every weekend!

  2. Terin! That's the nicest post I've seen in awhile! I loved hearing all the wonderful things about your mom. It makes me want to be a better mommy myself in the hopes that my children will say the same about me someday! Love ya!

  3. Your mom sounds fantastic. I have always loved the way you talk about your mom. You two have a great relationship. She seems very sweet.

    I love the prairie dress thing...and yet she was still willing to support you.

  4. That made me cry! It also gave me hope since gavs told me today he didnt like me anymore that one day maybe my kid will love me that much

  5. Michelle I see how much those boys love you...don't sweat it! You are a great mom, can't wait to play in Vegas!