Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday PawPaw

So this is way late. My dad had his birthday last month and I promised that I would make a list much like my mom's. For anyone that doesn't know my parents, these things have to be FAIR!

48 Reasons I love my Dad

1. He absolutely adores my sweet baby boy

2. If I ever have a problem he will fix it

3. He is OCD clean freak and it is hillariuos

4. I am so much like him it is SCARY! Just ask my husband! Well not in the cleaning area!

5. He has always supported me in any decision I have ever made in my life

6. He thinks of me as the perfect child, which I am far from, but it is still nice!

7. He is the best maker of spagheti ever!

8. He lives, breathes, and bleeds Coke products. Anyone who has been around him knows if there is ever a aquafina in my fridge or 7up he will give me grief for a week

9. The way Cash absolutely goes crazy when he sees my Dad. He loves his PawPaw so much

10. My dad's dancing. Again you only know what I am talking about it you have witnessed it. HILLARIOUS!

11. He is always the life of the party. No matter where we are in a social setting he is right in the middle of everything.

12. He never meets a stranger, he will talk and make a friend with anyone. Proof positive he gets along great with my borther in law Brian! HAHA! That was a joke Tiff! Brian knows he is his favorite!

13. He is always so willing to help and serve others

14. Anytime he sees a missionary out and about he makes an effort to talk to them and tell them all about what ward he goes to and how he is on a 5 year plan! Too cute!

15. I absolutley love how whenever he gets around Bret's parents he thinks it is confessional and talks to them about the things he can be doing better at. He did grow up Catholic so I guess that's where it comes from. But it is too funny!

16. He reminds me to be nice when I need it! He can always put me in my place!

17. He introduced me to horror flicks at a young age (much to my mothers dismay) and I have had a love for them ever since.

18. He is a movie buff. Many a Tuesdays were spent a blockbuster getting the new releases. We laughed at him because the blockbuster employees knew his name and he had a designated parking spot!

19. He always was there to pick me up from school before I had my own car. I always loved leaving school and getting to see my Daddy

20. Nachos and Phase 10, many a days were spent eating nachos and playing phase 10 growing up because I always beat my dad and he would never give it up! Maybe he was letting me win...I never thought about that!

21. My birthday month: He always gave me whatever I wanted and still does because it was my birthday my old age bret is trying to ween me down to a birthday week!

22. Cheerleading Competitions. Need I say more! He was always there cheering me on even though I know it was a total beat down

23. He was with me all day at the hospital when I was being induced with Cash and came back at 3am because I had a csection and waited with me and bret until we could go see cash. He didn't want to miss a second of that and I was so glad to have him near.

24. He was so sad he couldn't be in the delivery room. I had to remind him that mom didn't get to walk me down the aisle to which he said well I better get to be in there next time!

25. How much he loves my husband. They are such great buddies and they both crack me up on a daily basis

26. He is the best roomate ever! I love my parents and Teddy living with us!

27. Cash looks just like him fair skin and green eyes, He is so proud!

28. He only spanked me once growing up!

29. He must watch the evenng news and weather channel everyday!

30. He can tell you the complete 7 day weather forecast at any point in the week, he is awesome to have around when I am planning something outside!

31. Fishing. He would always take me fishing and it was awesome. I never had to put the bait on the line or touch a fish I just got to catch the fish he did all the hard stuff!

32. He was at the temple after I received my endowments and was so proud of me even though he didn't really understand what I had done, but he knew it was important to me and showed me how much he loved me by his support.

33. Still to this day anytime someone talks about cheerleading or something like it, my dad will say well my daughter was a National Champion in Cheerleading, which I think is hillarious because that was like 8 year ago!

34. Music. My dad taught me how to jam out at a young age. Anytime I listen to Tom Petty, AC/DC, Led Zepplin, or The Eagles I think of my dad

35. Road Trips, Never a dull moment on a Diemer road trip.

36. Captain Obvious. A nickname he has earned in recent months for his overly obvious statements during sporting events. Another thing to make us laugh

37. I love how if he makes you mad he immediately tries to do something funny to get you in a good mood to make up for his previous mishap. One of my mom's favorites too!

38. How everytime someone new meets my dad they say WOW! He doesn't look like he is old enough to be your dad and if they feel really comfortable with me they will say and He is so good looking! I have been hearing this since I was in school all my friends thought my dad was cute, so I am used to it!

39. I love how he calls me on a regular basis to request more pics of Cash so he can change his computer screen at work.

40. How much he adores my mother. It is so awesome to have parents who love each other so much. I am so lucky!

41. When he was about to walk me down the aisle he turns to me to say, "So, you are going to Spain!" This is so my dad! He made me crack up which eased my nerves.

42. How he gets burnt so easily and he always looked so out of place surrounded by three brown mexicans.

43. He taped my ears back at the hospital after I was born because he thought they sticked out too much!

44. He can make my infamous monkey face too!

45. He has my sweet tooth so anytime we are together it is going to be bad!

46. He loves everything I cook even when it is bad

47. He needs to see vacume lines, so everyone must leave the house after he vacumes and if they do walk on the carpet they can only wear socks and walk very lightly!

48. He is my Daddy!


  1. That is oh so cute! What a great list- you can tell how much you love him. It made me miss my Daddy. Good thing I get to see him next week!

  2. oh my gosh that made me cry and crack up laughing! #43 is my fav.