Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cash's 1st Bday Celebration

Wow has it really been a year! Time flys when you're having the time of your life. Bret and I were talking the other day about how wonderful our life is with Cash in it! Kids are so amazing and such a wonderful blessing! So now on to why I will never have a birthday party again...just kidding!
There are moms out there that can handle everything perfectly, have the food out on time with everything in its place,the cake ready at the exact right moment when everyone is done eating and then have their one year olds sit down and enjoy each and every present opened all the while entertaining and talking to everyone that is at the party and even have games for the kids to play and prizes~ Well, I am not one of those moms!

The party was flawed. I forgot to have the lettuce and tomatoes ready for the hamburgers...oh yeah did I mention that this was my only job since my husband did all the grilling and cooking! Then I didn't even cut the cake my mom did it! Then half way through Cash opening his presents my amazing mom friend Amanda (whom does all the things mentioned before hand...hate her!) asked if I wanted her to take pics of Cash opening presents....DUH! Who forgets that! Well I did instruct Bret to record it so we will have some sort of record! So there you have it next year just family and no stress. My husband thinks that I will some how manage to forget the trauma and try try try again! But I guess that is what us Crazy Mom's do! So now on to the pics that Amanda took for me!

Mom opening presents because that's what you do I found out!
Cash still for a moment! Yeah! Don't worry it didn't last, you gotta loves those boys always on the go.
Cash's cute shirt my friend Katie made for me she also made the banner which is adorable. I think I will have to have a dallas cowboy room for Cash now, if they win this week!
Cash's favorite toy the lawn mower! He embraces his mexican roots well! After we opened this present there was no going back we actually stopped the presents and saved the rest for Christmas, well they were from us so it wasn't too tacky! I have to say it because it is all too perfect, the lawn mower gift was from Amanda she even buys the best gifts!!!

So here is to the best year of my life so far! I love my little guy and look forward to all the birthday parties to come! Love ya Cash Ditty!


  1. Terin...I think everyone thinks that everyone else has stuff like that all under control and is calm and collected, but I would say that I'll bet hardly anyone is actually that way! So, don't give up! I'm glad you got pictures and it all looks so fun! Congrats on surviving the first year!:)

  2. So, will Cash be having a Philadelphia Eagles room? Sorry about the game...=) Happy birthday Cash!
    Oh and the mexican roots comment had me rolling..=)

  3. Looks like so much fun! Wish we could have been there. It is amazing how much life and spirit our little boys bring to us. And don't worry, I'm sure the party was perfect and you were the only one worrying about a thing. I'm with you though- smaller family gatherings are MUCH easier!

  4. love me some yo gabba gabba!!!! what an awesome present!!! Don't worry about the flaws girl! I'm not one of those moms either! Remember when we didn't even OPEN presents at luke and dylan's party!!?? aren't boys the greatest!

  5. Cash is the cutest one year old with the best parents! I think saving the presents was brilliant. You are a super mom.

  6. I can't believe Cash is already 1! They are growing too quickly. I sure miss not running into you much anymore.

  7. please send me your email address because I do not have it!

    Thank you!