Thursday, December 25, 2008

Family Fun

So my parents moved in with us the week of Thanksgiving and how thankful I am to have them around! Bret and I are beginning to become very spoiled by there obsessive cleaning and laundry doing (I seriously have chore fairies running around behind me and CASH picking things up it is AMAZING!) and also having built in babysitters is the best. Life is good!

Cash loves hanging out with his Uncle Teddy. He has actually attempted his name..te te te te or maybe he was telling me he wanted to go tete :) ha! Teddy is very good with playing and watching cash while he is napping so I can go do some quick errands. Thanks also to teddy for washing my car for me on a regular basis...what a great bro!

Mimi and Cash get along great. Mimi is always trying new things with cash that I don't think about. She has even conditioned him to wear hats...he loves them now! There is nothing better than getting to see your parents adore your child as much as you do!

Cash and the girls! I have never seen a child be so flirtatious before! Well then again I guess I haven't had much experience! Cash just lights up when he sees a girl especially his cousins. He practically attacks little baby Avery everytime he gets near her with kisses!

PawPaw and Bret. So bret just might kill me for this! Chelsea was over cutting our hair and convinced Bret to let her straighten his hair to try a different cutting technique on his locks. I have never seen Bret with hair like this so I had to take a pic. He and my Dad looked so cute but I was definitely glad to get my babe's curls back!

Cash chillin in his very own recliner. Mimi and PawPaw bought this for him for his birthday(I know a post is coming promise!). He loves to sit in his chair and rock and read books. It has definitely been a hit.

Stay tuned...Cash bday, christmas, and everything I haven't been posting for 3 months!!HAHA!


  1. HA!! I love the picture of Bert and your Dad, you don't want to have his hair permanently straightened? I can't believe how big Cash is getting, as always, I loves me some Cash!!

  2. Love the updates and pics of the family. Especially the straight hair... funny!