Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bottle? No Thank You, I'll have a Drumstick

So I decided to take Cash off the bottle the week of his birthday party so that hopefuly in a span of two weeks we would be good and back to normal for Christmas! I had read all these things about weening them from formula and the bottle and I thought that was way harder than I wanted to make it, so I decided people stop smoking cold turkey my baby can give up the bottle....he's a trooper! The first day went surprisingly well. I was a little stressed because he wouldn't take milk in a sippy only water(this kid drinks water like it is soda he loves it!). So by the end of the day I was totally stressing the night time routine. I had convinced myself that he wouldn't sleep a wink and I would cave and give him a bottle. So as he was finishing dinner, my dad walked in the living room drumstick in hand. Cash spotted him across the way and immediately was pointing and screaming for his drumstick. Let me back up the night before Bret had a drumstick and let Cash have a couple of bites, that was baby boys first encounter with the goodness that is a drumstick. So we know the kid has a memory and knew he wanted a piece of yummyness. My dad sits down to give Cash a bite and it happens, the kid takes the entire drumstick start to finish eats the whole thing.
Notice in these pics (the first encounter with the drumstick) Cash is actually sharing.

The second time around there was no taking it away from this kiddo

Or else you would get this look - Priceless!

So that was it after his milk intake he was off to bed and slept like a champ and the next day was taking milk out of his sippy and officially off the bottle! This kid has made it way to easy for me! I stressed for the binky....I have a feeling he won't be as easy with me on that one!

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  1. I just remembered we talked forever ago about blogs, so I found yours. This cracks me up! He is so cute and I can't believe he is 1! I just got Bella off the binkie. I did it while we were on vacation and she was off of her routine. It was a great trick and worked like a charm, but from this story, I don't think Cash needs any tricks!