Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who does Cash really look like?

Okay so I have been wondering who Cash really looks like. Of course the majority of people say Bret which I think it is because Cash hasn't grown into his Mexicaness yet....so here are some pics of baby Bret and Terin, tell me what you think!
Terin - I think this profile looks like baby boy~
Terin again
Bret - Man look at those cheeks!
Bret - The baby with the finger in his mouth, how cute!


  1. Aw, as cute as those Andrus boys were, my favorite part of that picture was Uncle Vaughn's hair.

  2. Oh my word, I don't know who cash looks like now! He's a good mix of both of you. Those pictures are priceless!!

  3. I too think baby has a little of both of you. Hopefully he'll have Bret's hair. Bret has the best hair! I love seeing these vintage pics of both of you. Love your blog and your precious baby!

  4. I love that first picture! I think he'll be a good mix. I'd love to know what Brad was laughing at in that picture, it must have been really funny!