Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can someone say Thumb?

If you told me a year ago I would be begging for my son to suck his thumb I would have laughed at you, but that was until the worst day of his life last Thursday! Cash just wanted to be held all day long. Any time I laid him down in his crib to nap he would scream. The binky would keep him satisfied for about 3 minutes until it fell out and all I kept thinking was if only he would find his thumb!!!! But all is better now, after that day of letting him cry it out and the night that Bret and I have no recollection of since somehow the baby monitor was mysteriously turned off in the middle of the night. All is fine Sweet Cash is perfectly content to go down for a nap being wide awake and now he is sleeping through the night 10:30 to 7:00....yeah! Here is a video of my little man trying to find his thumb with some help from Amanda he was pretty close! Okay that is to come later because Blogger was acting up for now the pictures will have to do!


  1. I know, I said the same thing with my kids....but when they DO find that's awesome because it calms them down. And you never have to worry about keeping a binkie around. the thumb is always attached!!

  2. SO happy for Jackson and his little thumb! And proud of his little mamma for getting him to sleep soundly through the night! Yay for you. :)