Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gigi's House

So about a month ago....I know i am a bad blogger shame on me! My mom and I took a road trip (Cash's first) to Houston and Austin for a long weekend. My Mom had a work meeting in Houston and then we went to Gigi's House (Jo). Gigi is my mom's best friend from like 4th grade and has always been like my mom. The running joke in our family is that she is actually my mom since we are so alike - ex cheerleaders, night owls, and always one to stay in bed while others are up being responsible! Gigi lives in a beautiful house in marble falls. In fact you can see Lake Travis from her back I sound like a realtor?

Gigi, Mimi, and Cash enjoying the beautiful weather

Gigi loving on some Cash
Mimi looking hot for the camera! Cash thought that was funny!

Since we were in Houston, we decided to swing by the temple. Which was beautiful! The plan was to get a picture of me and Cash at the temple, but he was so sound asleep we didn't want to wake him. So here you go, Cash you were there!


  1. It really is beautiful! Sometime soon we do need to take that road trip...

  2. What a beautiful temple! I'm glad you had a great trip!

  3. Your mom looks like she's on cloud nine holding little cash. I too love the pic of the temple. I fell like I haven't seen you forever. I miss ya!