Monday, October 6, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Yeah for me....I am posting our Vegas trip before it has been over two months old!!! That's a first for me. So Cash and I ventured to Las Vegas to visit my sister in law Michelle and her handsome little boys:
Gavin aka Johnson

Depp aka Badeke

oh yeah, I can't forget Bret's brother Brady who was also there!!! We had so much fun hanging out and watching the boys play together. I am convinced it is where Cash picked up his speedy crawl mode which he does now anytime I make a move towards him like he is being chased. He also has a speedy walk around the table mode as well...he practied this around the train track table the boys had. He had so much fun with that toy (or shall I say it kept him occupied so long) I bought one as soon as I got home! He also learned some SASS from the Vegas boys, he is definitely the boss around this household now! We got to visit with more fam out in Vegas, Sarah and Lance and their adorable 5 kids. Cash feel instantly in love with Sarah's daughter Kate who is 1. He followed her everywhere and watched her the entite time with a huge grin on his face...too bad they are cousins!

(Cash smiling at Kate - love at first sight!)

Michelle convinced me to buy a lot of cute clothes that I would have otherwised talked myself out of...that is a quality that Bret absolutley loves about Michelle! We played at the park which turned out to be the "cool"est park I have ever been too and in Las Vegas you definitely need it to beat the heat! Here are some pictures of Gavin and Depp in action. They also were sporting the infamous "High Crack" that their Uncle's sport so well!

Our exhausted boys after the shopping trip/water park adventure

Michelle and I got to go see a movie and we cracked up laughing the entire time like we were in high school again...the movie will remain unnamed as I don't want to receive any flack as it was probably really stupid to others! So the best part was my last night in Vegas, Brady was nice enough to watch the three boys and let us have an evening at the Bellagio Spa and then out to dinner at an awesome Steakhouse called CUT.

So the plan was to take a picture of our favorite spot in the Bellagio Spa, the Meditation is amazing and if I were rich I would have one in my house, but anyways after our massages Michelle and I started talking in the meditation room before I was going to go get my camera and then before we know it the Spa worker comes in the room to tell us that it is 30 min to close...somehow we managed to yap for an hour! So we had to rush in 30 min and take showers and get ready....we were the only ones in the SPA with the workers giving us some stare downs! It was pretty funny. So thanks Michelle for an awesome trip to Vegas! I look forward to coming back and meeting little River (3rd baby boy due in December).

The only picture of Michelle and I the whole trip. I know it is too far away. Michelle doesn't even look pregnant....oh to be that hot when I was 7 months prego! That's alright I still love you!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! I wish the last picture of the 2 of you was closer! It looks like a cute one! Of course, with 2 hotties!!

  2. Wow-she is looking like a hottie at 7 months preggo...I think the only thing missing from that trip was 3 other sis in laws....maybe someday!

  3. What a great trip. THat park looks really fun. How nice to have such a great relationship with your sister in law.

  4. Okay, the andrus family apparently doesnt communicate well even with the family web site. I had no idea Michelle was even preggo! Is she having a girl or boy! It really looks like you guys had a great time! I wish I could go on a trip like that!

  5. You were hotter at 7 month prego sassy women, i had so much fun. Daniella you know there is an open invite any time any of you girls want to come!!

  6. How fun! I love how incredibly close all of you sister-in-laws are - I want to be part of it by adoption ;)

  7. Well were hoping to be related soon...isn't Bishop setting Brock up with his sister???? But even if that doesn't work out you are more than welcome to join the club!!!

  8. I know, I'm actaully blogging! Love all of the trip pictures! I so love the pictures of the brothers together. I can't believe how big Cash is getting. I can't wait to see him walking! Love ya