Wednesday, October 1, 2008

9 Month Check Up

Today was Cash's 9 month check up, and he did very well with all his shots. Dr. Day informed my that Cash doesn't have a food allergy to Rice Flour it is a food heavy stuff! The Dr's exact words were, "So, no sushi for Cash!" I then informed him that we only eat Sashimi so he doesn't need to worry about that!

Here are Cash's measurements:
Height - 29" - 75%
Weight - 17.6 - 10%
Head - 45 cm - 50%

So as Dr. Day is checking the little man out he is looking in his mouth and says, "Oh, look you have two teeth....oh woah......and four about to come in." I say, WHAT! Yeah no lie he has the top 4 teeth showing through the gums and coming in at the same time!!! He has been such an angel with the other two but I am afraid that these four are going to break him! It is so crazy to think what he will look like with teeth...he won't be a baby anymore!!! Let me just say for the record all you girls that breast feed while your babes have are defintely better women than me!

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