Wednesday, June 25, 2008

California - Day Two

Day Two in California consisted of the girls going to Disneyland, yeah! And the boys golfing. It was my second trip to Disneyland and this time I wasn't pregnant so I got to ride all the rides. We had so much fun as I am sure the boys did as well!

Bret reads the paper every morning but this one was special. It isn't often you get to enjoy this view as you read the paper.
View from our hotel room - Me and Bret pre tan

Lindsey at Disney! She is so much fun! My homie lives in Idaho and I miss her often, but when we get together it is always a blast!

My favorite ride the Tower of Terror

Me, Lindsey, and Erin

How are kids not scared of these things!


  1. California dreamin! This looks like so much fun! Hope you're havin a blast!

  2. Trips with friends are the best! That sounds so fun...did you take Cash with you?

  3. I'm lovin' that view too! Beautiful!