Monday, June 23, 2008

California - Day One

In commemoration of our California trip I have yet another play list ode to Cali! Here are some pics from our first night there. We went with Pete and Katie to an Angels Game. We had a lot of fun and the seats were great, my nephews would have definitely been jealous!

Bret, Pete, and Katie

The soon to be newlyweds, how cute!

This picture is for Dallin, this is Gary Mathews Jr. batting. He used to be a ranger and just for those that don't know Dallin he knows every player on the Rangers roster and knows when they are traded, the team that they are traded to, and the player the Rangers got in the trade. He watches the Rangers religiously and gets so fired up just like his Papa, Dad, and Uncles. The traditions of our fathers~

Can't beat corn on the cob at the ballpark! It was so funny every time Bret would take a bite the juice would skit on the couple in front of us! Good action shoot, if I do say myself!


  1. Oh MAN!! I grew up 15-20 min from the Angels stadium. I am JEALOUS! I love the Angels. My high school choir even sung the National Anthem there. Fun! Fun! Fun!

  2. Dallin loved his shout out. He knows so much more about the Rangers than most adults. Gotta love him. Oh he was also wondering who the Angels were playing and who won, go figure.

  3. Of course I don't remember those things!!! I do remember the Angels got their booties kicked! Dallin is so cute!