Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Family Vacation

Okay so I am about two weeks later than my sister in laws to post about the fun time we had on our family vacation to Austin. Thanks Ann and Vaughn for always thinking of fun ways we can spend time together as a family. I seriously went through withdraws when we got home because it was awesome to have all the sister in laws and cousins around day and night and early morning...yes that was something Bret and I had to get used to kids wake up early....Cash isn't quite there yet!!
So here are some pics of fun times we had on our trip. Thanks to Danielle for sending me the being a first time mom I only took pics of Cash the entire trip....I will get more practiced I'm sure.

Cash getting excited to see Shamu!
Cash worn out from his day at sea world, gotta love the baby borjn!
Daddy and Cash watching some March Madness, this is probably going to be what the rest of his life will look like...those Andrus boys always watching sports!
What a doll...this was a total flirt moment with Aunt Danielle.
Bret showing off for the neices and nephews. I forget which one of us was a cheerleader?
Uncle Bert and Kali enjoying a ride in the river

Ann had a photographer come to take family pictures and this is us waiting for him to get set up.
Of course when the photographer was ready Cash was in the middle of eating so I am sure there will be some funny family pictures because the boy screams when you take his food away!


  1. LOVE that first one of cash!!! I'm seeing a little of you now!!! He gets cutter every day!! Yeah-whats with the back flip?! Why are we the ones that have to give birth to 10 pound babies and lose all of our tumbling skills!!! whatever!!

  2. I loved spending time with Cash! I definetly think he is looking more and more like you Terin...=)

  3. I love this post. What great pics! What an awesome trip for you guys! Cash is so cute with that flirty smile. And Terin, you are such a beautiful person inside and out! You look so pretty in these pics. I love your little family.

  4. I absolutely think your baby is gorgeous! His smile just makes your heart drop.... It looked like such a fun trip. And I'm totally impressed by Bret rowing and flipping skills.

    You guys really are a great looking family. :)

  5. that little boy is so stinkin cute! you can already tell he's going to be a ladies man!

    and yes, we definitely need to have a girls lunch! maybe I'll just throw one together here soon!!!

  6. i love the pic with cash in his cash t shirt! i know he misses his auntie shell he wants to come visit!

  7. such cute pics!! i can't believe how big cash is getting! awhhhh.

  8. It was so good to see you the other day. We seriously need to hang out more. I'm shocked at how big Cash is getting. He's absolutely adorable. I'm sure you just can't get enough of him!

  9. what a fun vaca! it was fun chatting with you at Amanda's and holding your sweet little Cash. He really is a doll and Matt is seriously in love with his name :)