Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Cash's blessing happened over a month ago, but finally here are the pictures. My father in law, Vaughn, blessed Cash at church on March 30th. It was so beautiful, he did a great job! A lot of my family and friends came to support us and Cash and I was very greatful for that. We had a big gathering for dinner afterward and had lots of fun doing the usual Sunday rituals...yes there was a game of Choo Choo!!! So here are the pics...enjoy!
Cash sleeping...he was wore out from his big debut at church.

Daddy and Cash bundled up in the pretty white blanket Great Grandma Eloise made him for his blessing. Cash is saying Horay! I am now officially on the church records!

MiMi and Cash cuddling...he sure does love his Mimi!

Cash and Aunt Betty enjoying some together time!

Last but certainly not least Cash and girlfriend Emerson. This is our friends, Alex and Amanda's daugher Emerson, she is 7 weeks older than Cash and they love holding cute, is it too early to pick out a daughter in law???


  1. soo cute!!! I was totally there at your blessing CASH!!! You looked adorable!!! And that little Emerson-she's a nice catch!! I would go ahead and set that up!!

  2. Great pics of your little man. Wish we could be there on Sunday. Have fun without us... if that is really possible. :)

  3. The photo of your Mom and Cash is so cute! What a fun day that was!