Friday, August 21, 2009

The last 2 months

So what have I been up to the last two months...well certaintly not Blogging!!! Here are some pics of the kiddos over the past couple of months. Mia sleeps a lot and luckily she is okay with occassionally being put down in some unconventional places (due to her brother doing something that needs my attention immediately).
Yes, this is a sink and she isn't taking a bath!
The laundry basket seemed actually pretty comfy with all those warm towels
Cash, Cash, Cash where do I begin...he is doing so much! Everyday is a new adventure and I wake up excited about the new thing he will say or do, life doesn't get much better!
This is the look that we get when we tell him NO or he gets upset about something...he purses those darling little lips out just like his Daddy did when he was a boy, who know that could be genetic?
I had to include this because everytime I see this picture I think of that movie The Royal Tennebaums, so if you didn't see it you wont laugh but that's okay I won't be able to tell :)


  1. She is soooo darling! I'm glad she is ok with being put in the sink and laundry basket. So cute! Way to go to think of taking a picture!

  2. i love the last one of cash you need to tell brett his hair is due for a trim