Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stephenie Meyer Rocks - Rachel I so should of listened to you sooner!

Okay so I haven't been updating my blog because I have been spending all of my free time reading the Twilight series! Oh my goodness how great and addictive they are!

I am on the last book that is out, Eclipse and I just can't get enough of Edward Cullen (the hottie vampire!)

So girls if anyone is bored and looking for a great read check them out. You won't be disappointed.

Props to Rachel Boyd who told me about these books last summer...I definitely should have listened sooner!


  1. No way!! You got hooked too!! It's too bad I'm not a reader....maybe I'll get to it when I get a vacation away from my kiddos!!

  2. I'm a big fan too! I can't tell you the last book I read before these, but I read each of these in about three days (a piece). My house went to pot, my children were neglected, but I had a grand ole time! I'm glad you read them!